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VIP早教网为大家整理了迪士尼英语启蒙动画片《Sofia the First/小公主苏菲亚》全1-4季共115集,英文字幕;资源总大小108GB,1080P高清MKV格式,可以在电视机或电脑、平板、IPAD、早教机、手机等各种设备播放,提供百度网盘不限速下载和高清在线播放。

《Sofia the First》迪士尼英文启蒙动画片-剧情介绍

《小公主苏菲亚/Sofia the First》是由迪斯尼公司制作的动画片,为迪斯尼公主大家庭增添了一位新成员。与以往的迪斯尼公主不同,《小公主苏菲亚》是第一个以小公主为主题的动画系列。




《小公主苏菲亚/Sofia the First》迪士尼英语动画片-剧集目录

1. Just One of the Princes
Sofia and her family go to the Flying Royal Derby. The little princess is excited to see the event and even decides to participate.

2. The Big Sleepover
It’s Sofia’s first royal slumber party and Amber invites the other princesses to the event. Sofia invites her friends from town.

3. Let the Good Times Troll
Sofia enters the cave where the Trolls live. King Roland tells her that the Trolls can never leave their caves.

4. Cedric’s Apprentice
Sofia has a big test coming up in her spellcasting classes, but she can’t seem to get the spell down, so she asks Cedric for help.

5. A Royal Mess
The Golden Wing Circus returns to Enchancia and the kids want to see it. But James breaks a window playing ball in the castle.

6. The Shy Princess
The kids at school are assigned the task of designing the castle of their dreams, but it’s a group project and the teachers select the partners.

7. Blue Ribbon Bunny
Sofia enters Clover in the Village Faire pet contest and learns an important lesson in friendship after inadvertently hurting his feelings.

8. The Princess Test
It’s the day of the big princess test. Everyone gets ready with their best dresses. Mrs. Higgins asks for help, but everyone’s too busy to help her.

9. Baileywick’s Day Off
Baileywick’s brother Nigel comes to visit for his birthday. The King gives him the day off, but every time they try to leave, someone asks for help.

10. Tri-Kingdom Picnic
The Kingdoms of Wei-Ling, Khaldoun and Enchancia meet to celebrate a royal picnic and a day of outdoor games. James asks Sofia to be his teammate.

11. The Little Witch
It’s Jade’s birthday and she prepares a party and the whole town’s invited, except Lucinda, the witch, who treats everyone badly.

12. Two to Tangu
Everyone goes to the land of Tangu to visit Zandar. He’s getting ready to throw a big party with magic carpets.

13. Finding Clover
Clover thinks Sofia doesn’t have time for him, so he decides to go to a wizard who can turn him into a magic rabbit.

14. The Amulet of Avalor
Sofia and Amber take a jewel for the royal ball. One of the griffins, the creatures who guard the jewels, escapes.

15. The Buttercups
Sofia wants to go on a hike with her Buttercup troop, but King Roland insists on sending Baileywick, the castle steward, to keep Sofia safe.

16. Make Way for Miss Nettle
A new fairy teacher, Miss Nettle, who was once the apprentice of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, arrives at Royal Prep to be a teacher for the after-school gardening club.

17. The Amulet and the Anthem
When Sofia brags about being chosen to sing the Enchancian anthem, her amulet puts a curse on her, which she must learn to undo.

18. Tea for Too Many
When Sofia is selected to host a Royal Prep tea party, Amber encourages her to “think big” to impress the princes and princesses.

19. Princess Butterfly
The students at Royal Prep must make their own costumes for this year’s All Hallows’ Eve costume contest.

20. Great Aunt-Venture
When Sofia reluctantly agrees to help her seemingly dotty Aunt Tilly bake an apple pie, she thinks she’s in for a boring day.

21. The Baker King
King Roland finds an enchanted mirror in the castle attic and accidentally makes a wish for a simple life as a village baker.

22. The Floating Palace: Pt. 1
During her family vacation on a floating palace, Sofia arrives at a special cove and befriends a curious young mermaid.

23. The Floating Palace: Pt. 2
Sofia tries to find a way to convince her parents to move the floating palace to save the mermaid kingdom.

24. Holiday in Enchancia
When a snowstorm prevents King Roland from returning home in time for the holidays, Sofia leads her family on a brave expedition to find him.

25. Four’s a Crowd
Sofia invites Jade and Ruby, her village friends, to join her and her sister, Amber, in the Flylight Pageant, an annual parade of flying coaches.



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